April 28: OPEN WEEK

Via Present & Correct

This week we’ll design our lesson to reflect your interests (I’ve prepared a few supplemental lessons, just in case). We can dig more deeply into a topic we glossed over earlier in the semester, explore an issue that’s emerged in your individual projects, go on a field trip, organize a workshop, or welcome a guest speaker.

Join Zoom Meeting — or click here for call in info

Please note that, when you log in, you’ll be placed in a “Waiting Room” until I manually clear each of you for entry. Why? Because, apparently, some losers are “zoombombing.” Please make sure your Zoom user ID is recognizable, so I’ll know who you are — and if I accidentally block you, please send me an email asap to let me know you’re seeking entry!

Feel free to add resources and recommendations (for the group, for individual classmates, etc.) on our Shared Resource Repository!

Okay! We surveyed you to find out how you’d like to use this penultimate class. The vast majority of you asked for (1) (a) guest speaker(s), (2) a final “lesson,” (3) a field trip / virtual event, or (4) a workshop. We’re trying to mash all these options together into a THREE-ACT EXTRAVAGANZA(!!!):

  1. an event featuring two guest speakers: Caroline Sinders, machine learning designer / user researcher / artist / digital anthropologist /  privacy expert; and Chris Gilliard, an expert on digital privacy, and the intersections of race, class, and technology; our speakers might even be able to take us on a virtual tour of some of the place-based technologies they study or the site-specific work they’ve created!;
  2. a short summarizing-the-semester-and-looking-forward lesson from Shannon; and
  3. a “methods for the future” workshop with Emily.

There is no homework! You can just show up and hang out. A couple of you said you were exhausted, and that you’d rather use this session for individual work. That’s fine! You needn’t feel obligated to join us! And the few of you who preferred one-on-one conferences are welcome to write me to make an appointment.

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