February 4: WORKSHOP: Data Walks + Infrastructural Tourism

Timo Arnall, Immaterials

Today we’ll split you into small groups for a “data walkshop.” We’ll meet briefly in the classroom to discuss the method, then send you off into the city to observe and document various datalogical thresholds, coded zones, and what Gillian Fuller and Ross Harley call “protocological surrounds.” More info to come.

Lab 1: Emily will lead us through a few “Exposing the Invisible” exercises.

Lab 2: Data Walk. Each group should come to class on February 11 prepared to share an informal five-minute presentation summarizing their findings. You’re welcome to use slides and other media, share collected artifacts, etc.

To be reviewed for today’s class:

Observational Sensibilities: 


  • Please sign up for your Artifact Analysis presentation, if you haven’t done so already! (you must be logged in through your NewSchool account)

Sample 2020 Group Results:


A Moving Border, via Vice
Ingrid Burrington, Networks of New York

Supplemental Resources:

    • Ingrid Burrington, Networks of New York: An Illustrated Guide to Urban Internet Infrastructure (Melville House, 2016).

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